Club Newsletter
The Rotary Club of Wakefield, Rhode Island
Thursday, February 28, 2019
Place & Time:
Arturo Joe's
140 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI  02882
Meeting Thursday @ Noon
Meeting Called to Order; President Tom Tarzwell
4 Way Test; President Tom
Pledge; President Tom
Prayer; Harvey
Song; God Bless America, Marion
Guests: Fred Frostic, former member; Allison Tarzwell, daughter of Tom; Frank Whittier, husband of Martha.
Posted by Gene Corl & Glen Zibolis
Number of members present:     
Visiting Rotarians:    
Number of guests:   3  
When paying with a Credit Card, fees approach $1 per transaction, Cash is preferred.
  • Harv Whitley announced that on June 8 we are invited to participate with Vet Surf, a program to help veterans deal with physical and psychological issues through surfing. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Wakefield Rotary Club and the Chariho Rotary Club will have a joint meeting on the evening of April 16 at the Richmond Country Club. The speaker, a polio survivor from New Jersey, will talk about the importance of the Polio Plus campaign. Please plan to join the group for fellowship with our neighboring club.
  • The RLI or Rotary Leadership Institute will be held on March 31 in Lincoln. Please notify Tom if you are interested in attending.
  • New Members Proposed and approved buy the Wakefield Rotary Board, Please contact Membership Chair Russell or President Tom with any concerns. Second Notice.
    • Christine Tanner, REMAX Real Estate, Sponsor Linda Hennessey
    • Bill Marcelo, Banker Washington Trust, Sponsor Tom
  • The Wakefield Rotary Club is assisting with the Rotary International Foundation Fund Drive. The following Rotarians have been assigned to solicit gifts from certain members, based on the pages of the Membership Directory. Elizabeth Candas, pages 6-7; Bob Cruz, pages 8-9; Linda Hennessey, pages 10-11; Ed McLaughlin, pages 12-13; Tom Tarzwell, pages 14-15; Martha Whittier, pages 16-18. Please dig deep for a donation when you hear from these folks.
  • Interested in what you have given in the past?  How close you are to your next Paul Harris Fellow?
  • Follow the instructions below to see!
  • Go to:
  • Sign in with email and password
  • Drop down under “The Rotary Foundation”
  • Right Column “Foundation Reports”
  • Under Individual reports , Donor History Report, click “View Report”
  •  For some reason a second page loads? Click  “Donor History Report”
  • An overview of your total giving should appear. Total Dollars and Points accumulated.
  • A TAB on the bottom titled “transaction Details”  Will open a page that shows every contribution from day one.                                                                 
Thank you for your service above self!
Happy Bucks
  • Judy Fortier is thrilled to have a 3 month old great-great niece.
  • Harv Whitley gave $2 for missing meetings and to announce Vet Surf.
  • Bob Horrocks reported that the Belmont Market agreed to move our collection box for food donations to the Johnnycake Center to a more prominent location, tripling the amount of food collected last month.
  • Sandy Cutting shared that she has received another “opportunity” to make millions by claiming cash in Canada.
  • Fran Alexakos is grateful that her siblings and other family members will care for her aging mother while Fran travels to Israel.
Speaker and program: Tatiana Rynearson, on Plankton, introduced by Dick Pike
Dr. Tatiana Rynearson teaches Oceanography at URI and specializes in phytoplankton (plankton that are more like plants than animals). Originally from Ohio, she received her bachelor’s degree from Brown and her Ph.D. from the University of Washington. She has traveled and done research in Germany, Australia, and Antarctica. Her theme was how phytoplankton contribute to the ecosystem and how they are affected by climate change.
Phytoplankton form the basis of the aquatic ecosystem. They feed all of the fish in the oceans. They generate half of the oxygen in the atmosphere. And they “bury” carbon from the atmosphere in the sea bed when they die. Although they are microscopic, they are so numerous that their chlorophyll is visible from space. They range in size from nearly as large as the width of a human hair to many thousands of times smaller than that. They have existed for 500 million years, older than any other species.
Oceanographers study plankton partly to understand how changes in the climate affect living things. Narragansett Bay is home to one of the longest-running studies of plankton, the Narragansett Bay Time Series, founded in the 1950s. One of its findings is that the temperature of the surface water has risen 2.5 degrees F since 1960. This affects phenomena such as algal blooms, shellfish beds, and fish populations. Dr. Rynearson has a new grant from the National Science Foundation in cooperation with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to study how plankton populations affect fish.
She recently led a team on a scientific mission to Antarctica as the Chief Scientist on the ship that traveled to the McMurdo Research Station and other locations. They sampled plankton populations from Zodiacs, by dangling from the ship on metal structures, and by other innovative methods. Now the plankton are being sent off to other labs around the world to be tested to see their reactions to different conditions.
You can learn more about Dr. Rynearson’s work at
Next Meeting:  Thursday, March 6, 2019!
Many thanks to Nancy for reporting and Sandy for the pictures this week!
Please make every effort to attend our next meeting!!!!!
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