Club Newsletter
The Rotary Club of Wakefield, Rhode Island
Thursday, September 20, 2018
Place & Time:
Arturo Joe's
140 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI  02882
Meeting Thursday @ Noon
Meeting Called to Order; President Tom Tarzwell
4 Way Test; President Tom
Pledge; President Tom
Prayer; Herb Mansfield
Song; God Bless America
Guests: Introduced by Dick Pike
Bill Cloxton – Judy (sponsored by Jay)
Joel Hovanesian – Dick Pike
David Monti – guest speaker
Zach Cockrum – National Wildlife Federation – guest speaker assistant
Posted by Gene Corl & Glen Zibolis
Number of members present:    23 
Visiting Rotarians:  1  
Number of guests:   2  
When paying with a Credit Card, fees approach $1 per transaction, Cash is preferred.
Beth Laconte
Sat Sept 29, Working with Rotaracters and Habitat for Humanity at build site in Exeter.  Approx. 8:30-12:30ish
Thurs Oct 4,  3:45pm visit and tour of SK Adult Day Care Center
Thurs Nov 15,  Special Rotary Luncheon honoring our Vets with a special speaker.  Rotarians are asked to invite and sponsor the meal cost for the Vet.  If you wish to do so and don't not know a vet let Beth know and I will match you up with one.
Sat and Sun Nov 18 and 19th,  Volunteers needed to help with Mews Tavern Road Race and Easter Seals.  Sat work is usually handling late registrations, setting up auction items, and passing out T-shirts.  Sunday work involves flagging on the roads, helping to serve food after the race and any projects Judy may have you run around and help.
Thanks for your service above self!
Beth Leconte
Club Business
 Membership reviewed the proposed 2018/2019 budget, and after questions, and motion, the budget passed.
Happy Bucks
Martin Vincent for a new Vehicle to replace his old one with 283,000 miles
Chris Hart for his successful surgery and the loss of 60lbs.
Elizabeth for a great trip to Turkey with Her Hubby; and for a planned trip to Tampa.
Ben Bardo for Joel attendance at the meeting
Gene Corl for a reminder that Marion needs our thoughts and prayers; and his Grand daughter’s soccer success.
Judy: for Gene’s generous gift of a table tennis to a needy family
Betsy: for the greatest Red Sox team ever, and her one year relationship with her Volt.
 Dave Monti, fishing for the Providence Journal and 15 other publications; a charter boat captain.
            Topic of presentation: “Can Off Shore Wind Farms and Fishing Co-Exist?”
Wind Farms have attracted new shell and finfish and many more recreational vessels. In his opinion, and based on his experience and the results of research by 50 scientist who found no remarkable adverse effect on the environment, fish, mammals, birds, or people, the Block Island Wind Farm, a pilot program, has been done the right way, and should be a model for other wind farms. The commercial fishing industry does not totally share his opinion.
Next Meeting:  Thursday, October 4, 2018!
Many  Thanks to this weeks Reporter
Harry Cesario
Please make every effort to attend our next meeting!!!!!
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